Multidisciplinary Scope of Services with a Single Service Provider

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ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT Account management provides quality assurance to ensure each individual insurer’s needs are understood and communicated to the clinicians used on their files across the country to guarantee consistency in service delivery and pricing. CRH offers seamless quality assurance, regular contact with our referral sources and real time updates. CRH proactively works in partnership with disability insurers, employers and other referral agents to assist their clients and ours to focus outcomes on occupational goals.

MICROPOINT SIMULATION (MPS) THERAPY applied with unique modality that delivers “Direct Current (DC)”.  The treatment relaxes muscles and calms the nervous system. In addition, it relaxes contracted muscles to relieve entrapped nerves, and also release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers. MPS is highly effective for all chronic pain conditions and is typically delivered in up to 4 sessions, either at a clinic location or at the client’s home.

PROGRESSIVE GOAL ATTAINMENT PROGRAM (PGAP™) – PGAP™ is an up to 10 week, evidence-based, standardized life role reintegration program that focuses on reducing disability despite the presence of persistent physical and/or mental health symptoms. PGAP™ can be offered at a client’s home, or in the community. PGAP™ aims to help clients return to increased independence with daily activities, improve quality of life and ideally return to work. CRH offers PGAP™ across Canada.

PGAP-TEL™ For those clients in rural areas where PGAP™ cannot be implemented in person, CRH holds the license to offer PGAP-Tel™, the telephonic version of PGAP™.

DISABILITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES – CRH provides a host of services designed to facilitate Return to Work, including worksite assessments/ergonomic interventions, CBT, doctor/employer meetings, and Initial assessment services.

RETURN TO WORK SERVICES – The Centre for Rehabilitation and Health offers numerous services (assessment and treatment) aimed at determining return to work potential, and facilitating this process.

BRAINFX: “Standardized, cost effective Cognitive Assessments” to facilitate cognitive rehabilitation and track progress.

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY (CBT) –a type of psychotherapy that occurs over the course of weekly sessions with our clients utilizing the Mind Over Mood workbook to assist a client to understand which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged or assist with identification of undesirable mood patterns and help to alter these unwanted behavior patterns. CRH will offer this service in preparation for PGAP given that this program has its foundations in this type of therapy.


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